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Product Injuries & Defective Products in Rhode Island

Product injuries occur when an unsafe, defective or inappropriately labeled product is sold to consumers, resulting in an injury or death. Manufacturers have a responsibility to design, produce and label all products in a safe manner according to industry guidelines – and when they fail in this responsibility, innocent consumers suffer harm. A lawsuit that arises from the harm caused by a defective good is known as a product liability case.

Product Defects that cause injury:

  • Design defects – Defects that occurred during the design and planning stage, before the product was actually manufactured.
  • Manufacturing error – Defects that occurred during the manufacturing stage. A product with a manufacturing error may have been designed properly to meet safety regulations, but mistakes in manufacturing caused the product to become defective or unsafe.
  • Failure to warn – In this case, there may not be an actual defect in the product itself, but the labeling or marketing information does not supply adequate information to ensure safe use of the product by consumers. This type of product injury case can often be more complicated, because it requires proving that the manufacturer was aware of the potential risk.

Product injury cases are complex. Attorneys must determine the responsible parties and prove that their wrongful actions were directly to blame for the injury. That is not always easy to do when the product has passed from the manufacturer to a wholesaler or retailer before reaching the injured consumer. Successful claims involve extensive investigation, a thorough knowledge of the applicable laws, and effective evidence that demonstrates how the liable party violated industry standards, labeling laws or safety regulations.

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