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Kent County Personal Injury Lawyers Rhode Island

Kent County, Rhode Island covers an area of 188 square miles in the center of the state. Eighteen square miles is water, found in the various RI rivers and streams that flow into Narragansett Bay, Kent County’s southeastern border.

RI Personal Injury Attorneys: Court Locations

Rhode Island divides its five counties into four Superior Court jurisdictions: Kent, Washington, Newport; with Providence/Bristol comprising one jurisdiction. Rhode Island’s unified state court system, the Superior Court, has original jurisdiction in all of Kent County’s felony proceedings, in civil suits where claims exceed $10,000, and in matters of equity. The Superior Court also hears appeals on civil and criminal cases from the Kent County District Court. (Civil suits with claims from $5,000-$10,000 may be heard by the Superior Court or Kent County District Court.) Any appeal from a decision rendered in Superior Court is taken directly to the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

RI Personal Injury Cases: Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have a personal injury case, a judge will hear your claim in civil court. This FAQ’s section gives you information about civil lawsuits. If you are confused about the terms you hear while in court, you may find this list of common legal terms handy. Once you’ve gone through a trial, you may have the right to appeal your personal injury case to the Rhode Island Superior Court or the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Kent County Courthouse For Personal Injury in Rhode Island

Kent County, RI communities include the city of Warwick, and the towns of West Warwick, Coventry, East Greenwich, (the county seat), and West Greenwich. Warwick lies on the Pawtuxet River and Narragansett Bay. This bustling city of almost 86,000, (2000 Census data), is Kent County’s commercial and cultural hub. West Warwick contains almost 30,000 residents, and its cluster of villages was the site of many of the Rhode Island mills built in the 19th and 20th centuries. A number of them still stand today, and West Warwick is undergoing a lavish revitalization project, converting the mills into trendy lofts for businesses and residential dwellings.

Kent County: Personal Injury Cases

Kent County’s town of Coventry also contains a number of small villages. A more rural area than Warwick, Coventry boasts numerous farmhouses, churches and homes built in the 1700’s and lovingly tended today. Certain parts of the town have remained unchanged since the 19th century. Coventry is one of Rhode Island’s largest towns in land mass, covering 62 square miles. Its population is 33,688. Coventry contains some of the finest recreation sites in Rhode Island. Here, one finds scenic Johnson’s Pond, providing the best in freshwater fishing. The pond lends itself to water sports and Wakeboarding Magazine declared it the top spot in Rhode Island. Coventry’s George B. Parker Woodland is a 750-acre property with a regal old growth forest and mystifying, ancient rock cairns.

East Greenwich claims status as the wealthiest municipality in Rhode Island. The population of 13,000 reports a median household income of just over 70,000, compared with our national median of $42,000. East Greenwich is home to many of New England’s finest waterfront seafood restaurants. The town of West Greenwich, population 5,085, reported a median household income of just over $65,000.

Kent County, Rhode Island is known for its diversity, with a large mix of urban and rural properties, including waterfront living, city dwelling or small untouched hamlets with centuries-old farmhouses.