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Levaquin Side Effects

If you have taken the drug Levaquin for an infection, take note: This prescription antibiotic has been linked to serious side effects, including disabling tendon ruptures and tendonitis.

If you or a loved one has suffered from the serious side effects of the drug Levaquin, you should contact the experienced dangerous drug attorneys of Gemma Law Associates, Inc., in Providence, Rhode Island. Contact us toll free or through our online contact form. Our attorneys are licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and we serve clients in Providence, Newport, Cranston, Bristol, Woonsocket, and Pawtucket.

What Is Levaquin Used For?

Levaquin was approved by the FDA in 1996 to treat certain infections in adult patients. It has been used to treat sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, skin infections, prostatitis, urinary tract infections and kidney infections.

Levaquin Carries an FDA Black Box Warning

In July 2008, the FDA began requiring the manufacturer of Levaquin, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, to include a Black Box warning on the drug. A Black Box warning is the most significant warning that the FDA can add to a drug and means that the FDA knows of reputable medical studies that indicate that the drug poses a serious threat of significant or life-threatening adverse reactions.

Levaquin Dangerous Side Effects

The specific dangers associated with Levaquin are the risk of tendon ruptures and the risk of severe tendonitis. A patient who experiences tendon pain, swelling or inflammation should immediately seek emergency medical attention both for a potential tendon problem and for the underlying infection that was being treated with Levaquin.

Who Is at Greatest Risk from the Drug’s Side Effects?

While patients over the age of 60, those taking corticosteroid drugs or those who have had heart, lung or kidney transplants are at greater risk of developing serious tendon-related side effects, it is important to note that any person who takes Levaquin may suffer a tendon rupture or tendonitis.

The FDA’s Black Box warning was meant to increase awareness about tendon complications among consumers of Levaquin and their physicians. Some argue that the FDA action is too little, too late. As early as 1996, a public interest organization called Public Citizen was requesting that the FDA strengthen its warning regarding Levaquin. In 2005, the Illinois Attorney General petitioned the FDA to include a Black Box warning on the drug. However, it wasn’t until three years later that the FDA took that step. During the FDA’s delay in action and even since the FDA Black Box warning has been required, many Levaquin patients have suffered from tendon ruptures and tendonitis as a result of taking Levaquin.

Contact Gemma Law Associates, Inc., if You’ve Been Hurt by Levaquin

If you or a loved one has had the misfortune of suffering serious side effects from taking Levaquin, we encourage you to contact Gemma Law Associates, Inc., toll free or submit an online contact form. We are currently investigating Levaquin claims and initiating lawsuits. We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation regarding your potential claims. For the past 45 years, we have helped clients throughout the state of Rhode Island. Let us help you too!


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