Do you need a lawyer?

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If you’ve suffered a serious injury caused by another person, the answer is usually yes. Your interests in any legal engagement are better protected when you are represented by a lawyer, but it is particularly true of cases involving personal injury. Insurance companies would prefer to deal with you directly and settle quickly, but that arrangement places all the legal expertise on one side — the other side.

Know Your Legal Options

Before you sign anything from an insurance company, turn to the Rhode Island law firm of Gemma Law Associates, Inc. We will thoroughly evaluate your case, provide you with all your legal options and pursue the most effective strategy designed to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We represent clients throughout the state of Rhode Island, including Newport, Woonsocket, Providence, Cranston, Bristol, Pawtucket and Warwick.

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As the injured party, you will fare better in your dealings with the other party’s lawyer and insurance company by having legal representation of you own. In cases where the other party settles or is found by court verdict to be responsible for your injury, any legal expenses you incur usually will be paid by the other party.

Why You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Not all lawyers and law firms are the same; those with less experience and expertise will generally get lesser results. Choose a lawyer from an experienced and well respected law firm with expertise in personal injury cases. Look for a lawyer who has extensive courtroom experience in trying personal injury cases and a strong record of winning. Less than 25 percent of personal injury cases go to trial, but a lawyer’s reputation for courtroom success will be influential as insurance companies weigh whether to settle or fight your claim for compensation.

It’s About When You Need a Lawyer, Not If You Do

The real question about choosing a lawyer isn’t whether, it’s when. Ideally, you should obtain a lawyer immediately after your injury. If you’ve delayed, wait no more. A state’s statute of limitations could eliminate your right to file a case and passing time can erase key evidence and make it hard to find witnesses.

For immediate legal assistance in Providence or throughout Rhode Island, call Gemma Law Associates, Inc., toll free or use our online form.