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Construction Accidents

Construction AccidentsWhile accidents can happen in any workplace, certain jobs are inherently more dangerous than others. The construction industry has some of the highest worker injury rates of any occupation. Despite strict safety standards, construction laborers face serious risks on the job every day. The sheer number of hazards at a construction site makes it virtually impossible to prevent some injuries from occurring.

Worksite Injury Hazards:

  • Falls from heights including scaffolds, ladders or roofs.
  • Demolition.
  • Being struck by machinery.
  • Electrocution.
  • Defective equipment.
  • Collapsing floors or walls.
  • Lifting heavy equipment.
  • Repetitive motion tasks.
  • Exposure to asbestos and chemicals.
  • Inadequate training.

Construction sites can be hectic, with workers of various trades interacting on a variety of projects. Nevertheless, the general contractor is required to provide a reasonably safe workplace, to warn of hazards inherent in the site, to hire careful employees, and to comply with specifications regarding inspection and training. Subcontractors must also ensure job safety, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the general contractor.

Most injuries suffered in construction site accidents give rise to Providence RI workers’ compensation claims. Although workers covered under workers’ compensation cannot file a third-party claim against their employer, they can file a third-party claim if the injury was caused by someone other than themselves, a co-worker or their employer. Thus, workers’ compensation benefits can be supplemented by legal action against third parties such as general contractors, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, site managers, site owners and insurance companies.

Because construction injuries can involve multiple parties, including some that may not be obvious initially, it is important to have your case evaluated by a construction lawyer. A knowledgeable construction attorney can make sure that you receive all of the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to and determine if you have a viable claim against a third party.

The Providence attorneys of Gemma Law Associates, Inc. make certain that our construction accident clients receive the maximum amount allowed by law for injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other expenses. We have been representing injured construction workers throughout the state of Rhode Island including Providence, Newport, Bristol, Woonsocket, Pawtucket and Cranston for 45 years – and we can help you. Contact us today.