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Do You Have a Case?

court-case-imagePersonal Injury Cases

The five questions on this page can help you decide whether you have a personal injury case. For the opinion of a qualified and experienced legal team, turn to the Rhode Island law firm of Gemma Law Associates, Inc. We will thoroughly evaluate your case, provide you with all your legal options and pursue the most effective strategy designed to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We represent clients throughout the state of Rhode Island, including Woonsocket, Providence, Newport, Pawtucket, Bristol and Warwick.

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Do you have a case?

#1: What is the extent and nature of your injury? You may have a injury resulting from a car accident, an assault by a person, an animal bite or a mistake made during medical treatment. The nature of the injury should be clear and, when possible, documented. But remember that not all product injuries are physical. They can result from actions by others that impose fear, psychological harm or damage to your reputation. A lawyer can determine whether you have a personal injury that falls into that category.

#2: Was the injury the result of another party’s intent or negligence?A personal injury case revolves around responsibility. To have a case, you must be able to identify a person or entity as the party responsible for your injury. In cases of negligence, particularly in malpractice cases, it can be difficult to show that negligence caused your injury. It’s best to have a lawyer assess responsibility and the strength of your case.

#3: What was your responsibility, if any, for your injury? If you were negligent in the accident that caused your injury or willingly entered into a dangerous activity, you may be found to be partly or wholly responsible for the harm you’ve suffered.

#4: Will you be able to collect? Although you may have a valid case for an injury caused by another party, you may not have a case that can bring you compensation. A personal injury lawyer can assess whether the other party has insurance, assets or other means to pay for your damages.

#5: How long are you willing to wait? When you are injured due to another party’s fault, you’ll likely be offered a quick settlement from the other party’s insurance company. Usually, that settlement offer is less — and sometimes much less — than the compensation you can obtain by filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. However, the legal process can be slow and involve months and years of litigation. A long process may still be in your best interest if you’ve suffered permanent injury that will eliminate or reduce your earning ability. In such cases you may need major compensation to cover your long term costs. If you prefer to settle, having a lawyer negotiate on your behalf will both expedite the process and ensure that you obtain fair compensation.

Do you think you might have a valid personal injury claim? The Providence, Rhode Island law firm of Gemma Law Associates, Inc. will thoroughly evaluate your case and provide you with all your legal options contact Gemma Law Associates, Inc. today at 401-467-2300.